Own It

The Ask

An amateur soccer (or should we say football?) team who hung out at a local Hard Rock Cafe in the north of England needed a uniform. So their mate, the Cafe manager, printed up a bunch of t-shirts with the Hard Rock logo. And everybody who saw one, wanted one. Forty years later there are more than 300 million and counting of the classic Hard Rock tees in the world.

The Approach

To market the current crop of HRC merch D/C suggested they simply look to the original which is still alive and well. In fact today’s youth are co-opting the mark’s legacy to make it part of their own. Whether popping up in a Finnish teenager’s Facebook avatar layered under a leather jacket. Or the trend of young Italian fashionistas re-constructing (or mod-ing) a shirt fresh of the rack for their daily posts.

Client: Hard Rock Inc. (at Duncan Channon)